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The XML Tutorial

A reintroduction to XML with emphasis on encoding.

Last major revision 2005; last minor revision 05 Aug 20147


Why unencapsulated XML over HTTP is almost never completely safe.

Last major revision 9 Feb 2003; last minor revision 28 Jun 2008.
No longer linked because it was made obsolete by modern frameworks & libraries.

Non-ASCII Characters in URIs

Issues affecting percent-encoding non-ASCII data.

Last major revision 27 Apr 2001; last minor revision 20 May 2003.
No longer linked since 27 Feb 2005; its principal content was merged into these Wikipedia articles: Uniform Resource Identifier and percent-encoding.

XSLT code

ASCII XML Tree Viewer

A stylesheet for XPath/XSLT data model visualization (plain text).

Last revision 13 Feb 2001

Pretty XML Tree Viewer

Another stylesheet for XPath/XSLT data model visualization (HTML+CSS).

Last revision 15 Oct 2001


A stylesheet to strip extraneous whitespace & comments.

Last revision 5 Jan 2000


An XSLT template to perform substring replacements.

Last revision 10 Nov 2000


Similar to replace.xsl; replaces linefeed character with <br>.

Last revision 2 Apr 2001


An XSLT template to percent-encode an ASCII or ISO-8859-1 string.

Encoder last revision 20 Apr 2002; decoder last revision 17 Mar 2003


A stylesheet that demonstrates trimming leading and trailing whitespace.

Last revision 3 Mar 2004


A stylesheet to test an XSLT processor's conformance regarding document identity.

Last revision 29 Dec 2002


A stylesheet to re-indent (pretty-print) poorly indented XML.

Last revision 25 Oct 2006


XPath 1.0 with errata

The W3C XPath 1.0 specification, edited to include all errata.

Last revision 26 Apr 2009

XSLT 1.0 with errata

The W3C XSLT 1.0 specification, edited to include all errata.

Last revision 26 Apr 2009


XML & XSLT related off-site links

Many excellent resources for XML and XSLT developers.

Last revision 14 Jan 2007
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