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Specifications - XML and XSLT

Specifications - HTML and Internet

  • HTML 4.01 W3C Recommendation; or ISO/IEC 15445:2000(E), the ISO version
  • XHTML 1.0 W3C Recommendation
  • URIs: Generic Syntax IETF RFC 2396, hyperlinked version
  • HTTP/1.1 IETF RFC 2616, hyperlinked version
  • Internet Message Bodies [MIME] IETF RFC 1521, hyperlinked version
  • Registered Media Types aka MIME types or Content-Type values; current IANA list

  • Language identifiers IETF RFC 1766, hyperlinked version
    This RFC explains the syntax for making 'language tags' like en-US and fr-CA.
    It was superseded by RFC 3066, which was superseded by RFC 4646.
  • Language codes from ISO 639(-1):1988 and ISO 639-2:1998
    This list also includes changes made since the 1988 & 1998 publications.
  • Country codes from ISO 3166-1, current list
    The official list of country codes for making RFC 3066-compliant language tags.
  • Additional IANA language tags referenced by RFC 3066

    Historical references:
  • Language codes from ISO 639:1988 (obsolete)
  • Country codes from ISO 3166:1988 (obsolete)
    A strict interpretation of RFC 1766 would restrict one to just the language and
    country codes that were available in 1988. However, RFC 1766's author
    clarified on the IETF-Languages list on 02 Aug 2000 that the intent was to
    refer to ISO 639:1988 and its successors, not just these codes.

Specifications - Character Encoding

Other Resources - Character Encoding

Tutorials - XML and XSLT

Other Resources - XML and XSLT

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