privacy policy

Last updated 2015-03-01


This policy (previous versions included) has not been reviewed by legal counsel. It is only a general statement of the understanding and intent of this host's administrator(s). Some or all of this policy may be impossible or impractical to uphold.


This host and its administrator(s) are subject to the laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations of the host's physical location, the residences of its administrator(s), and its Internet service provider, including the following:

The legal requirements of these jurisdictions may impact your privacy, but are not documented here.

What information is normally collected

Every communication with this host via certain common TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP (e.g., every "hit" from your "web browser") may be logged, possibly permanently. As part of this logging, your public IP address and potentially any other information transmitted by you, including HTTP "Referer", "User-Agent", and "Cookie" information, is likely to be stored, along with the date and time the transmissions were received.

Some parts of web sites served from this host may ask for a username and password specific to the hosted web application (e.g., a wiki), and may require your browser to use subsequently use HTTP cookies to ensure that your subsequent transmissions can be associated with the same browsing "session", as is normally done to keep you "logged in" after you have given a username and password. Such cookies normally contain application-specific text and random IDs, not passwords or other personally identifiable information collected from you.

What additional information may be collected

Your public IP address is associated with a particular Internet service provider whose location may be public information, and the Internet traffic between you and this host may be routed through devices whose locations are known. Thus, it may be possible to infer your approximate geographic location, and this host's administrator(s) may make such an inference and keep that information on file.

No attempt will deliberately be made by this host to cause you to send more information than is necessary, reasonable, or normal for the type of communication and type of web application in use. Further, no additional private information will be solicited from you unless absolutely necessary. This host provides noncommercial services only; you will not be asked for financial information.

What information is normally disclosed to others

Under normal circumstances, none of this collected information will be disclosed to any third party without your consent, except when required by applicable law in this host's jurisdictions.

What information may be disclosed to others in special circumstances

Every request made for the administrator(s) to reveal collected information will be carefully scrutinized by the administrator(s) and their legal counsel. If a determination is made that disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, then such disclosure will be limited to the minimum amount of information required to comply. In addition, the administrator(s) will make a reasonable attempt to notify affected persons and/or their Internet service providers when any logs or private information are disclosed in order to comply with such a request, except when the law forbids making such revelations. Disclosure requests deemed to be illegitimate or not required by law will not be honored, but may, at the discretion of the administrator(s), be reported to those who would have been affected.

If your IP address is believed by the administrator(s) to be associated with malicious activity against this host, its subnet, its users, or any other Internet host, then your Internet service provider may be contacted and more information may be sought about you. In such circumstances, this host's administrator(s) DO NOT make any assurances that any relevant collected information will remain private; information relevant to the investigation of such activity will be disclosed to others as necessary and permitted by law, and suspicious activity may be reported to interested third parties, such as blocklist database maintainers.

Your responsibilities

You may only use this host's services in a manner that does not cause this host's administrator(s) to be in violation of applicable law and that is not considered by the administrator(s), at their discretion, to be an abuse of the host's intended services. Any other uses may be considered malicious activity and may impact your privacy, as stated above.

If you believe that this host has in some way attempted to ask or "phish" for any unnecessary private information, or if you believe the administrator(s) are in violation of this privacy policy, then contact the administrator(s) immediately for remedy.

Contact information

Questions and comments about this policy should be directed to the administrator(s), emailable at <>.

* Including but not limited to 15 USC § 6801-6809 (relating to financial information) and 18 USC § 2701-2708 (relating to stored communications).